Sarah Hendler

Why are my advertisements not working?

Show your ad to a designer and she will give a list of ten design tweaks. Show your ad to a marketer and she will tell you why your message is all wrong.

Show your ad to a business coach and she will say that there may be nothing wrong with your ad at all. And it’s possible that there is something wrong. But first…

Sarah Hendler
Sarah Hendler

Is summer your slow season?

Summer brings with it a host of feelings. Freedom, fun, flow…. 

And for some of us it also feels like “slow”...

What does summer mean to you? Is summer your slow season? 

If yes, how does that make you feel?

Sarah Hendler

Stop Waiting For The Answer

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in asking questions. I wrote a whole blog post about that.

But I also know that merely asking the right questions is not enough to get you moving forward.. At a certain point, you have to trust yourself enough to choose one direction and try it out. 

This lesson really hit home for me last week when I had a business dilemma and I needed to find a solution.

Sarah Hendler

When Things Start Feeling Heavy

Your new idea was light and exciting. It took you places in your dreams. 

You started this new project with a surge of energy. You talked about it everywhere. You felt the momentum growing.

And then over time you lost some of that enthusiasm. Some of that excitement has dropped away. 

Sarah Hendler

An Open Letter To My Clients

We are dreamers. We dreamed the business we wanted to create. We dreamed the life we wanted to live. And we dream big.

Being a part of bringing your vision to life is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. Your beautiful dreams have inspired me.

3 Tips For Saving Time

I actually don’t know how long it used to take me to write a blog post. It was divided into way too many steps. I would rely on inspiration to chance upon me before I would move forward. And when I did get started, I was a bit scattered and slow… afraid to put constraints on creativity.

Can you relate? Is there an activity in your business that you don’t have a grip on?

How My Business Has Changed Me

You got into business for a reason. Maybe because you have always dreamed of using your talents to support your family. Maybe because you feel like you have a light that you just need to shine. You have a gift to share with the world.

But did you ever stop to think about the gifts your business has given you?

Do I need to do something I hate for the sake of my business?

Why in the world would you want to do something you hate?

Probably because you think that you should. You were told that running a successful business takes sacrifice, and you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Business Coach Says: Ignore The Phone

Ignore the phone. Does that sound radical to you? It’s not advice that you would expect coming from a business coach. Shouldn’t you be always available with the highest level of customer service?

Yes. However, your first obligation is always the person right in front of you. Customer service dictates that you should give your full focus to the person that is here right now.

Do I Really Need A Break? Here’s What You Can Do Instead:

There are rules and there are times to break the rules. I used to blog every week religiously.

You could always expect a new post in your inbox early Sunday morning. Then, for many months I was super chilled about my blog. I stopped posting consistently. My life got so busy and my blog just wasn’t my priority.

Business Coach Says: Kill The To Do List

Are you drowning in your to do list? Do the tasks that need to get done pile up endlessly?

You’re not alone. Look, if you’re killing it with To-Do-Lists, then you can stop reading right now. #YouDoYou. But if To-Do-Lists are killing you, then it’s time to kill the list!

What Does Respect Mean To You? [Reader Question]

Hi Sarah! How are you? I like the list that you shared of 14 steps to get your clients to respect your time. I was wondering how I can apply it to my business, which right now doesn't involve client appointments per se. What is your advice about that?

14 Steps To Get Your Clients To Respect Your Time.

It’s tough to run a business that revolves around client appointments. I know that some clients can be annoying, pushing the limits of our patience. None of my clients… they are all the sweetest. For real. But I have had my share of problematic prospective clients. The type that  schedules an appointment and doesn’t show up. Yes, we’ve all had those...

How To Suffocate Your Ideas

It’s really easy to suffocate your ideas. I have lots of first hand experience. I’ve also seen my friends and clients do it quite often. Really, it comes naturally to most people.

Chances are that you too are an expert at this.

Do you need a refresher? Keep reading to learn the best method to suffocate your ideas.