Sick of Success?

Your success is making you sick.
But, you’re pretty sure you are on the right track.
You just feel like you want to run away and hide in a little corner.

Calm down. It’s normal.

Did you ever hear of fear of success?
Yes. It’s worse than fear of failure. Because most people don’t recognize it.
But now, you are not most people.

Was It All A Waste?

"But I already put so much work into it, I just have to make it work."

"I spent a whole year studying graphic design, there is no way I can quit."

"I hustled so hard for the past few months, I can't give up everything I built."

I'm right there with you.
You are stuck in the trap of SUNK COST BIAS.

Should He Mow The Lawn?

Should the teacher get a job as a lawn mower?

You guessed it!
My answer to every question is - it depends.

During the school year he could instead be making more money working as a teacher.
During the summer time, he would not be teaching anyway. Therefore any money he makes mowing would be extra.

Every choice you make in life and business has an OPPORTUNITY COST.

You Don't Need Photoshop

Are you tired of depending on designers?
Are you tired of trying to get your flyer to look just right in Microsoft Word?

I recently discovered an amazing solution that will delight you. is an online tool that is easier to use than Photoshop and more intuitive than Word.
And best of all, it's free!

I'm not saying to drop your designer all together.

My 5 Best Tips For Using Google Calendar For Your Business

The leather hot pink planner I purchased at Barnes and Noble was going to be the start of a new beginning.

No more missing appointments or forgetting important commitments.
As anticipated, things were going well for the first couple of weeks.
My life was getting a bit more organized. I knew where I was supposed to be when.

Until that fateful day that my planner disappeared again. This time for good.

Risk of Rejection

"Ma, I want to do this."
"I know. But it's in middle of the school year."
"Yes. And I really really really want to do this."
"Hmmm…Let me talk to your father about this…"

Mattis, my 14 year old bother, was determined to present his talent of Mentalism at the RCCS TALENT COMPETITION.
My parents had a hard time agreeing.

Let's Be Friends

Me and Grammar?
Never. We were not friends in school.
When I graduated, I knew I would never think about grammar again.

Yet somehow, since I started my blog, I've googled more grammar questions than I did over my entire life.
Suddenly, I have the patience to learn the difference between EACH and EVERY.

And it's not just grammar.
I see myself having the strength and courage to do things that I always thought were just 'not my type'.

School Is Over!

"Huh, Huh, Huh!" the student waves her hand eagerly, wishing to be called upon.
"What's that noise? Do you have a stomachache?" the teacher admonishes sarcastically. 
The student falls silent, and something inside her wilts that day.

Does this sound familiar?
I've experienced this story many times throughout my school years.

Unlock The Power Of Story

I met her at my hairstylist and was immediately captivated.
I listened to her story. It drew me in.
I was fascinated and I knew it. On the spot we set up a time to meet again.
I needed to hear more.

Reflecting on our short conversation, I wondered:
"What is her secret power? Why am I so intrigued?
Why am I talking about our conversation with whomever I meet?"

How To Move From Self-Doubt To Action

"I feel like a fraud."
"What if they don't like it?"
"Who am I to call myself an Artist?"

In creative professions, these thoughts are all too common.
When you are tasked to create something completely new, there really is no way to measure success.
The lack of a comparative yardstick breeds a lot of self-doubt and uncertainty.

Is It Time To Jump In?

How do you know when to jump in and when to give yourself the time to warm up?

It's always a difficult balance. Especially with regard to validating a business or product idea.
You may be telling yourself "If not now, then when?"
You might also be thinking "I don't want to regret this. How do I know for sure?"