Sarah Hendler

Is summer your slow season?

Sarah Hendler

Summer brings with it a host of feelings. Freedom, fun, flow…. 

And for some of us it also feels like “slow”...

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What does summer mean to you? Is summer your slow season? 

If yes, how does that make you feel?

It’s normal for a slow season to bring up feelings of panic, fear, and dread. 

I know exactly how that feels. At one point I found myself looking a practically empty calendar month with a heavy heart. I wondered if I was a failure… and maybe this whole business coaching thing wasn’t going to work out after all. 

However, when things began to pick up speed the next month, I was able to look back with a clear mind. 

I saw how healthy it is to have a natural ebb and flow in business. I realized that the extra time I had was actually quite well-spent. Aside from wallowing in self-doubt, I also used the time to create new systems and templates. I set up workflows. I did research. I learned some new things. And I even managed to do some socializing… which is good to do at least once a year, no? 

At that time I promised myself to never waste another slow season moping. I finally accepted this basic truth: Everything happens for a reason. It’s not happening to me, it’s happening for me. 

Consider for a moment that you can take advantage of the current situation in which you find yourself. Each season of life brings with it different blessings.

And one thing I can tell you - this slow season won’t last forever!

How would you like to spend this precious time?

Will you dedicate it to your family?

Will you invest in some extra self-care?

Will you focus on business growth and development?

Maybe you can even schedule your own personal business retreat...

Embrace the season of life that you are in. It’s a gift to help you grow.