strategic business coaching with sarah hendler

Strategic Business Coaching


You're a skilled creative who isn't afraid of working hard. Now you are ready to work smart.
Forget about the busy-work and start taking confident action that will move your business to the next level. Overwhelm can be paralyzing and clarity is the only way out. You can do this!


so, how does this actually work?

The nitty gritty details of clarity coaching.


1. free discovery call

Book a free, no-obligation, 20 minute discovery call with me. We will use that time to get to know each other and discover if working together would be the best next step for your business.

Let the fun begin!


2. In-Depth Business Questionnaire

Should you decide to move forward, it's time to get busy filling out a personalized business questionnaire. You will share with me the past, the present, and your dreams for the future. 

Once submitted, I will review your responses and do a thorough analysis. What you shared in the questionnaire will serve as the basis of our coaching sessions.


3. Three clarity coaching sessions

I take your brain dump and help you make sense and real strategy. Together we will find the intersection of your best work and maximum profit. 

You will come away with a long term vision, and a clear idea of the immediate next steps you can be taking to get there. 


4. the Four week follow up

Sometimes all it takes to reach our goals is the motivation of knowing that someone will check up on us. For extra accountability, included in your coaching package is a four week accountability check in call. We will talk about all the awesome changes you have implemented and how far you have come. This is also your time to bring up any challenges that you have come up against and get my feedback. 


Just How Good Does Clarity Feel?

Read about real-life client experiences.


Money-Back guarantee:

Because I know how loud the doubters can be. So, here's the deal:

money back guarantee

You do the work. Take the action. If it happens that it comes to the 4 week check-in call and you haven't seen any results or positive change in your business life, as long as you can show the work to prove you tried, I will refund you in full. 

I feel comfortable offering this refund policy, because I believe in you. If you're here, I know you're ready for growth. You have beautiful potential and the courage to follow through. So, calm the doubters - both inner and outer. You've got nothing to lose. And oh, so much to gain!


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