Personalized Business Strategy

Personalized Business Strategy

Can you let go of your limiting beliefs to play a bigger game?


I believe that when you upgrade your mindset and your systems, you Are On a sure path to business success.

I work with wonderful creative women (like you), who want guidance and support in order to focus on their business strategy.

How can business Coaching help you?

Working with a coach allows you to analyze the priorities of your business.

We will work through one layer of your business at a time, uncovering opportunities you haven't seen before.

There are some business coaches that love spreadsheets and to-do lists, and others that focus solely on pushing you to reach great heights.

I take into account the dollars and cents, as well as your unique personality and interests, bringing a holistic approach to your creative business.


So, What Is business coaching Like?

I meet with my clients once a week to shine a light on a different area of their business. We evaluate, strategize, and innovate.

After each session, I take the time to review everything we discussed. I then send you notes of our conversation, as well as specific action steps for you to take over the coming week.

The next time we meet we discuss your progress; I keep you accountable to steady growth.