Sending You Regards From My Business Retreat

When I first started my business practically every day was a business development day. I would gobble up any information that I could find on business. Did I mention that I’m kinda addicted to learning?

business development retreat

Well, the devotion paid off and I could tell that my clients and readers appreciated my ability to  synthesize all the knowledge I had gathered. Slowly, my business grew. It happened without me really noticing. Suddenly, I was running a real business. It wasn’t just “practice” anymore.

At that point that I became a follower of the “Just-In-Time” learning model. I never did stop learning… but I limited my studies to only what I needed to know next. No longer did I have full days available to spend researching and I had to use my time wisely.

This week, however, is a very special week. It’s a week where I go back to my roots. It’s a week that I set aside for a personal “business development retreat”.

I blocked off the time on my calendar and prepared to get away from the day-to-day of my business. All that is on my list is  learning, learning, and learning some more. I have always been determined to never rest on my laurels. Yes, I have all the knowledge I need for now. But if I know and I trust that my business will only keep on growing, I want to be prepared for the next level.

This week I will be reading a book, taking a new course, writing some blog posts, and in general taking a good look at my business. Oh, and the most important part? I’m making sure to get a change of scenery. No, I didn’t fly far away. I didn’t book a hotel room for the week. But I am moving my office around to some nice quiet spots in town. Right now I’m in a lovely juice bar and later I’m headed to Barnes and Noble. I plan to visit my local coffee shop as well. This change of location signals to my brain that it’s time for a change in pace and a change in thinking. I’m focusing, accomplishing, and I’m ever so grateful for this opportunity of growth.

If this sounds in any way intriguing to you, I would suggest you consider trying this idea out for yourself. Why wait until you’re forced out of your comfort zone with challenge? Stay ahead of the curve by setting aside small blocks of time for business development. It can be for a full week retreat or just an hour a week. You will start seeing the benefits right away.

Do you have any other ideas for places that I can hang out on my business development retreat? I’m open to any and all recommendations!