What Does Respect Mean To You? [Reader Question]

Hi Sarah! How are you? I like the list that you shared of 14 steps to get your clients to respect your time. I was wondering how I can apply it to my business, which right now doesn't involve client appointments per se. What is your advice about that?

14 Steps To Get Your Clients To Respect Your Time.

It’s tough to run a business that revolves around client appointments. I know that some clients can be annoying, pushing the limits of our patience. None of my clients… they are all the sweetest. For real. But I have had my share of problematic prospective clients. The type that  schedules an appointment and doesn’t show up. Yes, we’ve all had those...

Expand Your Container

We started our business because there was a need we felt called to fill. There was a problem we wanted to solve. There were people we knew we could help. Our intentions were completely altruistic.

Yet, now our bank account is paying for it. In order for our business to continue being able to support others, it must be sustainable. 

Was It All A Waste?

"But I already put so much work into it, I just have to make it work."

"I spent a whole year studying graphic design, there is no way I can quit."

"I hustled so hard for the past few months, I can't give up everything I built."

I'm right there with you.
You are stuck in the trap of SUNK COST BIAS.

Unlock The Power Of Story

I met her at my hairstylist and was immediately captivated.
I listened to her story. It drew me in.
I was fascinated and I knew it. On the spot we set up a time to meet again.
I needed to hear more.

Reflecting on our short conversation, I wondered:
"What is her secret power? Why am I so intrigued?
Why am I talking about our conversation with whomever I meet?"

Sarah HendlerBusiness, Risk

Is It Time To Jump In?

How do you know when to jump in and when to give yourself the time to warm up?

It's always a difficult balance. Especially with regard to validating a business or product idea.
You may be telling yourself "If not now, then when?"
You might also be thinking "I don't want to regret this. How do I know for sure?"

Sarah HendlerBusiness, Risk