Was It All A Waste?

Was -It-All-A-Waste?

"But I already put so much work into it, I just have to make it work."

"I spent a whole year studying graphic design, there is no way I can quit."

"I hustled so hard for the past few months, I can't give up everything I built."

I'm right there with you.

You are stuck in the trap of SUNK COST BIAS.

Sunk cost fallacy is the belief that anything you’ve already invested in deserves greater investment—even if it was a poor investment in the first place, and even if the investment is unlikely to lead to the desired outcome.
— Lisa Jo Rudy

We all want to do what is best for us in the long term, yet too often we get in our own way.
How can we remain objective when making decisions regarding new opportunities?

The way I try to counter the SUNK COST BIAS, is by identifying the benefits of my past decision, regardless of my future actions.  

No experience is a waste. You are now stronger and smarter that you were before.
You will use what you learned as a basis to build upon in the future.
You may simply learn never to do that again!

Give yourself permission to pivot. Don't get stuck in the SUNK COST trap.

And know that the SUNK COST will benefit you in the long term in ways you will never have imagined.