Me too. I love notebooks. I have a whole stack of them. Specifically the unlined sketchbooks from Barnes and Noble.

Better Than A Notebook - OneNote

But let’s admit it together - notebooks work well for a lot of things - but not everything. 

There are some things that are best be digital. But, Microsoft Word can't always do the trick.

There is an alternative.

OneNote is a digital notebook to store all your ideas.
When I was first introduced to Microsoft OneNote my friend told me that she uses it for journaling. She types out whatever is going on in her head and keeps her notebook locked.

Personally I like to journal with crayons and markers, so I thought OneNote was not for me.


But OneNote is so much more than a journal.

I have discovered that OneNote can effectively organize my life.
I have a notebook for business and some other personal notebooks, as well.
There are so many benefits to using OneNote. 
Here are some of the things I love it:

  • No Saving - Sounds crazy, but it's true. When I first started using OneNote, I kept fearing that everything I worked on will disappear, but it never did.

  • Search - You can search any word anywhere in the entire notebook. You don't have to remember where it is. I can just search for "Sales" and everything I ever wrote about sales will show up.

Search in OneNote
  • Pasting Images- It's so easy to paste images in OneNote. The formatting is so much freer than Word.

  • Endless Page Width and Height - You can write till forever.

  • Many Levels of Organization- You can have a bunch of notebooks. Each notebook has sections. Within each section, you write on pages. You can even create subpages.

  • To Do Lists- You can make lists in your notebook by adding a To Do Tag
    (it also can be added with Ctrl+1).

ToDoList on OneNote

Enjoy the pleasure of marking it done with a red check mark!

  • Insert Everything! – Check out the Insert tab. Its super cool the things you can insert in your notebook. Add tables, files, images, links, and more. You can even record video and audio directly in OneNote! Everything is easily organized and visible in one place.


The absolute BEST part is that you can get OneNote on any device or platform -  totally for FREE!
Go to now to download the version you need.

The above features are just a sampling of what is possible with OneNote.

I’m sure you will find endless ways to utilize this tool.

Have fun exploring!


Let me know in the comments below - how do you use OneNote in your business?