How To Answer Your Own Questions

How To Answer Your Own Questions

My consulting clients come to me with lots questions. Here is a big one-

“Is it worth it for me to continue doing XYZ?”

Instinctively, I run to analyze the numbers. And it’s true, the numbers tell a big story.


But, there is another major part I need to take into the equation. That is YOU!
Some of my clients are surprised by how much their personality really matters in their business.

For example, running a membership community has been becoming increasingly popular for online entrepreneurs. This is because it can be a great source of consistent revenue.
Yet for many, the constant pressure can be too much to bear. Producing steady content and always being on call to answer questions is not a match for every personality type.

You may be thinking – I know what I’m doing. I’ve got my business down pat.

But excuse me, can I remind you how you get sick every peak season?

So, how do you know if it’s all worth it??

Look to your body for the answer.

What? Yes. Exactly that!


Ask yourself – “How does this make me feel?”

Recognize the direct correlations between your health and your business.
Look out for self-sabotage. Are you continuously putting yourself in situations of high stress? 

The work you do should be adding energy to your life, not draining it.


So you checked in with your body. It doesn't look great. Now what?

Be open to experimentation and try to change things up a bit.

Is it private client work that is wearing you down?
You don’t need to quit.
Quite possibly you need to work on setting better boundaries and managing expectations.
Maybe it's time to hire help.

Structure your offers around your innate strengths.

Do the work that makes you feel most alive.
Set reasonable expectations right from the start.

Your health is not a luxury!