Should the teacher get a job as a lawn mower?

Should He Mow The Lawn

You guessed it!
My answer to every question is - it depends.

During the school year he could instead be making more money working as a teacher.
During the summer time, he would not be teaching anyway. Therefore any money he makes mowing would be extra.

Every choice you make in life and business has an OPPORTUNITY COST.

Opportunity cost is what you give up because you choose to do something else. 

At this moment you are choosing to learn about business, which by default means that you are not doing anything else. If you are doing two things at the same time, than you are choosing to give less focus to each task.

Each action we take has a cost.

As business owners, our job is to weigh each opportunity. Our time is limited and we must be sure that we are getting the most return on our investment with everything we do.

Many times it may seem that we are saving money by doing everything all by ourselves.
In reality by hiring help, we can free up time to work on bringing more clients in the door.


Whenever you have a choice to make, be sure to consider all angles.

Take a good look at the benefits and drawbacks.

And don't forget to calculate the money, too.

Overwhelmed? No worries. You don't have to figure this out all on your own.
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