What to Pack for a Full-Day Seminar (and What to Leave at Home)

Last week I attended a full day seminar by the expert sales trainer, Adam Lieberman.

The event was titled “Learn to Sell Like a Rockstar” and I was really looking forward. I mean, I was looking forward to the actual event… not the morning before I left.

Typically the morning of a  long event, I’m wasting way too much time thinking, “What do I take along?”

Just Ask

“You’re sure you don’t want to fix it? It’s going to be long trip.”

“It’s really not so bad, I’ll review the directions before I leave.”


Until it was really bad. Because there is reason why they invented a GPS.
But the charging port in my car was not working.
So I was really lost. And it wasn’t fun.

Unlock The Power Of Story

I met her at my hairstylist and was immediately captivated.
I listened to her story. It drew me in.
I was fascinated and I knew it. On the spot we set up a time to meet again.
I needed to hear more.

Reflecting on our short conversation, I wondered:
"What is her secret power? Why am I so intrigued?
Why am I talking about our conversation with whomever I meet?"