What to Pack for a Full-Day Seminar (and What to Leave at Home)

Last week I attended a full day seminar by the expert sales trainer, Adam Lieberman.

what to pack for a full-day seminar

The event was titled “Learn to Sell Like a Rockstar” and I was really looking forward. I mean, I was looking forward to the actual event… not the morning before I left.

Typically the morning of a  long event, I’m wasting way too much time thinking, “What do I take along?”

As expected, getting ready took a little longer than it should have and I arrived at the location, huffing and puffing,  a full fifteen minutes late. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the presenter looking very busy in the lobby. I made it!


Obviously, this is not the optimal way to start the day and I have been thinking about how to prevent this from happening again. I thought about everything that I took along (and everything that I forgot) and put together a list of what I must have at a full-day business event.


As attending ongoing training and networking events are critical to your business growth, I’m sharing my list with you today. You may as well be prepared.

  1. Your Registration Receipt.
    If you signed up online, be sure to bring along proof of registration. Check the receipt for instructions. It may be good enough to show the receipt on your phone.

  2. Notebook and Pens.
    If it’s an educational event, it’s likely that they will provide you with a notebook and a pen. Yet if you’re picky like me, I recommend that you bring your own.

    One event I that attended gave out a really cute mini notebook, however my preference is to write on full size paper. Another event I attended provided out a flimsy legal pad, and I was very happy to have brought with me my trusty hard cover spiral. And remember to take along your favorite cushioned pen… because you don’t want your hand to feel like it’s coming off at the end of the day.

  3. Business Cards.
    I’m sure this isn’t you, but make sure not to turn people off by rudely interrupting them and sticking your business card in their faces. True story.

  4. Something to Keep You Warm.
    I’m not your grandmother, so I won’t force you to bring a sweater. From personal experience however, I will tell you that layering is helpful. The main room might be colder than comfortable. And sitting for hours freezing in one spot is not my idea of fun. I was glad to have a light jacket with me.

  5. Water Bottle.
    Yes, they might give out. But I’m the “just in case” kind of person. And the more water the better!

  6. Nutrition Bar.
    A light, easy to eat snack that takes up almost no space in your bag. It will give you the energy boost you need. You might choose to eat it on the way home. This way you won’t come back to your family starving and cranky.

  7. An Open Mind.
    Be ready to learn. Be ready to connect. Be ready to get inspired and inspire others.


What about lunch?

The majority of full day events will offer a light lunch. And a light lunch is probably all you need. But if it’s a bring-your-own-lunch kind of event, here are my recommendations:

  1. Tuna/ Avocado/ Salmon Wrap.
    Or really any kind of wrap. It’s an all-in-one delicious and filling meal.

  2. Sushi.
    It’s easy to eat in public and doesn’t make a mess. And who doesn’t like sushi?

  3. Muffin.
    It’s a great conference food. It’s filling and possibly more healthy then donuts :) Also, less messy.


Here is what to leave at home:


  1. Your To-Do List.
    I challenge you to leave your to-do list at home for just one day. You really need to be fully present at the event in order to get the maximum value.

  2. Your Judgements.
    It’s normal to have some preconceived judgements before you arrive. This speaker will be boring. That person is so snobby. The organizers are unprofessional.

    Yet, when you walk in at the beginning of the day, try to forget your judgements for the next few hours. Give people the opportunity to show you something new. You will probably be surprised.

  3. Your Expectations.
    Set aside your expectations of what SHOULD be. Stay curious about what COULD be.



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