When You Get Older, You Will Understand

"One, two, skip a few, ninety nine, a hundred!"

one, two, skip a few

Some days I wish that there would be a good way to do that in business, as well.

One post, two posts, skip a few, ninety nine, a hundred!
One client, two clients, skip a few, ninety nine, a hundred!
One sale, two sales, skip a few, ninety nine, a hundred!

Wouldn't that be nice!


But the real truth is that business is all about the long game.

Yes, there will be days that seem to drag on forever. There will also be days that are over before you blinked. There are days that you will stop in middle of all the craziness and pray, "Please G-d, skip me a few!"

You can find it all in the game called business. And it’s all normal!

I repeat. Your experiences are normal.


Those who win in business, are those with patience.

Because it's important to go through each stage of business. If you skip the beginning, you will be missing the foundations. If you skip the middle, you will be missing the experience. At when you finally hit your stride, you be able to look back and appreciate every step that you took along the way.

“When you get older, you will understand.”

So here is the big question:

How can you maintain inspiration and motivation, until you finally get ‘older’?

I used to have a sign hanging near my bed in my old house that said, “The joy is in the journey.” It reminded me every day that the process is what matters.

Well, that sign shattered in the moving truck. Now, I have a new sign that inspires me each morning as soon as I wake up. “Start each day with a grateful heart.”

When I take the time to be grateful for where I am and how far I’ve come, I get the boost of courage that I need to stick with my mission.


Do you have a mantra that inspires you to keep going, even when times get tough?