Trying to please all your clients can be an exhausting task.

Be the boss of your time

You want to be flexible, but also professional. You want be kind, yet also set proper boundaries.

And more often than you care to admit, you end up feeling either guilty or resentful.

When you find that scheduling appointments for your clients takes up way too much time and energy, you begin to wonder “Should I hire a secretary?”

Meet Calendly.

Calendly is a free online program that takes the stress out of scheduling. It eliminates all the back-and-forth emails and texts, creating a smooth client experience.

You get to stay in control of your time, without being controlling. Simply set your availability preferences and then share your personal Calendly link. Your client picks a time and the event is automatically added to your calendar.

Sounds too easy?

Well then, here is your motto for the week -

“Let things be easy.”


Sounds too complex?

You can schedule a free discovery session with me using my Calendly link :)


I’m currently using Acuity Scheduling for my online calendar. It comes free with Squarespace, my website provider. I’m very happy with the software and so are my clients.

You can schedule a discovery call using this new link below: