A Surprise Something Nice

A package in the mail. What could it be? I didn’t order anything…

I quickly tore open the wrapping and found a beautiful blue box that stated “HIP HIP HOORAY. Welcome to the family.”

Client Gift

Inside the box I found a thoughtful welcome note along with a branded notebook and pen.

Dubsado Client Gift

When I signed up for Dubsado, an online client management software, I expected nothing more than access to the software. So when this sweet surprise came in the mail, it lit up my day!


Surprise client gifts, big or small can be really powerful.

And it doesn’t have to be something big. A simple gesture can be so meaningful.

Below in an image of a custom card that I send to my coaching clients. I write a personal note of appreciation and acknowledgment. On the back, I put a beautiful quote that they will want to keep around for inspiration.

And in case you’re curious, I print my cards at AdoramaPix. I’m very satisfied with their customer service and high quality products.


Here are three reasons why I suggest that you consider adding Client Gifts to your business strategy:

1)      They DELIGHT your clients and turn them into raving fans.

2)      They are a physical extension of your BRAND.

3)      They are great CONVERSATION STARTERS.



Invest in your relationships, they are your most valuable assets!