A Surprise Something Nice

A package in the mail. What could it be? I didn’t order anything…

I quickly tore open the wrapping and found a beautiful blue box that stated “HIP HIP HOORAY. Welcome to the family.”

Inside the box I found a thoughtful welcome note along with a branded notebook and pen.

Insider Insights with Lorraine Fetherman

Lorraine is a popular electrologist in my area, drawing clients from far and near. I was curious to hear her story and the secrets behind her busy and successful practice.

After our conversation, I truly understood why so many clients are attracted to her – Lorraine is extraordinarily empathetic and compassionate.

She shared how it felt to be a teenager with facial hair, and why she feels privileged to be able to help others in her situation.  

Insider Insights with David Konigsberg

As CEO of Optimal Targeting, David is known to be the go-to expert for all things marketing. He is a wealth of knowledge and doesn't hold anything back! 

I had the opportunity to meet with David and draw out some of his best insights.

It was fascinating for me to discover that almost everything we discussed fit into a neatly defined system. David shared a four stage process for building a marketing strategy.

You Don't Need Photoshop

Are you tired of depending on designers?
Are you tired of trying to get your flyer to look just right in Microsoft Word?

I recently discovered an amazing solution that will delight you. is an online tool that is easier to use than Photoshop and more intuitive than Word.
And best of all, it's free!

I'm not saying to drop your designer all together.