No Worries

My laptop was dying and I was already planning the funeral. Some internal mechanism made it not be able to recharge, and my trusted computer technician was about to give up all hope.

With one last ditch effort, he ordered a $50 part from China. He warned me that it’s a risk, because it may not work and I could be wasting $50.

But thankfully, after just a short wait the new part was installed and my laptop was once again alive and well!

Sarah HendlerValue, Service

Less is More

When you started your business they told you, “Always under-promise and over-deliver.”

And you tried, you really did. You went overtime. You offered discounts. You responded to your clients instantaneously. You poured your heart and soul into your work.

And then you were left wondering where your whole life went…

Sarah HendlerValue, Service