No Worries

My laptop was dying and I was already planning the funeral. Some internal mechanism made it not be able to recharge, and my trusted computer technician was about to give up all hope.


With one last ditch effort, he ordered a $50 part from China. He warned me that it’s a risk, because it may not work and I could be wasting $50. But thankfully, after just a short wait the new part was installed and my laptop was once again alive and well!

How was I able to stay sane during the process?

A few days without my laptop should have brought my business to a quick stop.

But it didn’t, thanks to Backblaze.

Backblaze is an automatic online backup that I have on my laptop. It allows me to access and restore all of my files wherever I need them.

If my computer is ever lost or stolen, I have no reason to worry. Backblaze has my back.

They have an amazing feature that allows me to locate a missing computer. Thank G-d, I haven’t needed this service, but it’s nice to know that it exists.


For just $5/ month or $50/year I can rest assured knowing that all my files are safe and sound and will be there for me whenever I need them.


Here is something to think about -

What sort of worries or fears can you take off your client’s head?

More valuable than the service you offer, is providing the peace of mind for you client to sleep better at night.