How To Get The Word Out

"I need to get my name out there!"

I've heard the above statement from three different people this past week.
They have considered all sorts of expensive and time consuming marketing tactics.
But what actually works?

There is a single most effective way to spread your name.


Referrals are the key to bringing in new clients.
Quality referrals can help you get a new business off the ground.
They can also help you grow an existing business to the next level.

Through referrals, you can expand your network and connect with new people.
Everyone prefers to work with someone within their network.
Nobody likes to call a stranger that advertised in the local paper.

Referrals build trust.
If I see a new restaurant advertise, will I be there the next day? Probably not.
But if I hear my friend raving about this new place in town, I will definitely go check it out.

Why would anyone want to refer me to their friends?

Great question. Indeed, you must give them a reason.

Treat your current clients as VIPs, no matter how much they are paying.

Be professional.
Be communicative.
Be positive.

Set reasonable expectations and then deliver above and beyond.

Give your clients a great experience and they will be excited to pass it on.

Do you want to learn more about referrals and how to get them without asking?
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