I knew just what I needed. I was going to find a job.
Not just any job, but the most boring job there was.
The work would be 100% stress-free.
I would give a few hours of my time, but leave all my energy and creativity for Golden Nuggets.

I finally found it. My dream job.
The advertisement said they were looking for someone do to Customer Service and Data Entry.
What could be more simple than that?!

This past week I went down for an interview. I was offered the job within 10 minutes of leaving the office.
I took some time to think over the offer. I had a really hard time coming to a decision.
It wasn't the money - they were actually paying very nicely.
It wasn't the hours - they were exactly what I was looking for.

I hesitated for the same reason that I had wanted the job in the first place.
It was boring.

Are you confused?

Well, I was too.
What happened? What made me change my tune?
Was I not looking for the most boring job available?

What I thought I wanted was not what I needed, after all.
I thought I wanted a boring job. I got it, and then I realized that it's not for me.

Many times in life we pursue something that we think is important.
We may get so close to getting it and then we recognize that it's not for us.

I did my part. I emailed my resume. I went down for an interview.
I got the offer and negotiated salary.
Then realized my dreams have changed.

Don't be afraid to change directions.
Honor your intuition.
Trust your gut.
Follow your heart.

I know what you're thinking.

How can I be sure fear is not leading me?

You really can’t be sure.
That's why I advise you to discuss your dilemma with an objective party.
Ask a friend or mentor to let you know what they think.
Is this fear speaking? Or do I have a legitimate concern?

With the help of my family and friends, I realized that the job I was pursuing was not right for me.

What goal can you let go of today that is not serving you?

In light of this new perspective, what will you do instead?