Press Pause

Goals are great. Burnout is not so great.

Press Pause

This week, give yourself permission to take a break. Take some time to relax and unwind.

Without your tight control, things will immediately fall apart. Right?

Yet, living with a running to-do list in your head, makes it impossible to innovate.

When you are busy all the time, there is no space for anything new.

My challenge for you today is that you should allow yourself to let go.

Not forever. Just for a short period of time.

Trust that life with continue without your intense grip.

Press pause.

There is no place you have to be.
There is no thing that you have to do.

Right now you need to be present.

Connect with yourself.
Connect with your family and friends.
Connect with G-d.

Live in the moment.
Appreciate the good in your life.
Appreciate yourself.

When you get back to work, it will be with renewed strength and a fresh perspective.

Take some time for yourself, you will reap the benefits!