Unlock The Power Of Story

I met her at my hairstylist and was immediately captivated. I listened to her story. It drew me in.

I was fascinated and I knew it. On the spot we set up a time to meet again.
I needed to hear more.

Unlock the Power of Story

Reflecting on our short conversation, I wondered:
"What is her secret power? Why am I so intrigued?
Why am I talking about our conversation with whomever I meet?"

Finally, I got it.
It was her storytelling ability.
My new friend told stories with passion, and I was hooked.

The human mind craves a good story.

Stories are the fuel of conversation.

Stories establish instant connection between strangers.

Stories stick in our mind long after any other information would.

And best of all, stories are made for sharing.

What is your signature story?

Take the time to prepare a couple of powerful stories. Practice talking about how you got started in your business and why it's meaningful to you. Be ready to talk about the people you've helped and the impact you've made on their lives.

It's OK if it is rehearsed. The most important thing is to let your passion shine through.

Don’t sell, share stories.

Don't market, tell stories.

Don't network, exchange stories.

Don't teach, present stories.


An interesting story will create a ripple effect for your business.
Use stories wisely and give your fans the tools to help you and spread your name.

How can you utilize the power of story for your business?