Is Anyone Looking?

Is Anyone Looking?

I have good and bad news for you today.

No one is looking at you.

We tend to think of ourselves as standing on the center of the world stage and the spotlight shining on us.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but no one is staring at you.

On the flip side, this concept can be incredibly freeing.
Once we've played a certain role for a while, we can feel stuck in that character.
When no one is looking, we have the freedom to try out for a new role in life. 

Today you can begin anew.

Give yourself permission to continuously evolve.
The world's eyes are not glued on you. Ultimately, everyone is focused on themselves.
No one will really care about your change of status.

And if anyone does take notice, they will celebrate right along with you!

What new choice can you make today, when you break free from the prison of other's perceptions?

  • Launch imperfectly

  • Rebrand

  • Get a new job

  • Buy that dress you've been eyeing

When I first launched my blog, I knew it was not perfect.
But, I realized that I am not locked in to anyone's first impressions.
I chose to jump in and let this project evolve.

I'm so grateful that you decided to join me on this journey of experimentation!