How To Suffocate Your Ideas

It’s really easy to suffocate your ideas. I have lots of first hand experience. I’ve also seen my friends and clients do it quite often. Really, it comes naturally to most people.

Chances are that you too are an expert at this.

Do you need a refresher? Keep reading to learn the best method to suffocate your ideas.

Insider Insights with Miriam Manela

Miriam is an energetic entrepreneur with a huge heart. As an OT, she chose to devote her life to helping people feel comfortable in their bodies and in the world.

In this interview, Miriam shared how she discovered her niche and found the support she needed to develop her skill. She also gave us an inside view into the world of mentoring, from the perspective of both a mentee and mentor. 

Insider Insights with Chani Najar

I met Chani at a local meetup and liked her right away. Chani is a kind, generous, and open woman. She has all the qualities you would want in a massage therapist. And all the qualities you would want in a friend.

I knew that she is someone who would be willing to go deeper with me and share the inside story of her business success. And luckily for you, I was right :)

Where Do You Live?

Do you know what it’s like to do big and scary things - in your imagination? I’ve been there too....

When I heard my client say “I’ve been taking risks with the idea of selling programs…” I had to call her out.

Honestly speaking, ‘taking risks with ideas’ is plain imaginary work. Or “pretend work” like my teacher, Tiffany Han, would say. I think we all can admit that there reaches a point when we have done enough work in our head :)

Risk of Rejection

"Ma, I want to do this."
"I know. But it's in middle of the school year."
"Yes. And I really really really want to do this."
"Hmmm…Let me talk to your father about this…"

My 14 year old bother was determined to present his talent of Mentalism at the RCCS TALENT COMPETITION.
My parents had a hard time agreeing.

How To Move From Self-Doubt To Action

"I feel like a fraud."
"What if they don't like it?"
"Who am I to call myself an Artist?"

In creative professions, these thoughts are all too common.
When you are tasked to create something completely new, there really is no way to measure success.
The lack of a comparative yardstick breeds a lot of self-doubt and uncertainty.

Sarah HendlerBusiness, Risk

Is It Time To Jump In?

How do you know when to jump in and when to give yourself the time to warm up?

It's always a difficult balance. Especially with regard to validating a business or product idea.
You may be telling yourself "If not now, then when?"
You might also be thinking "I don't want to regret this. How do I know for sure?"

Sarah HendlerBusiness, Risk