How To Suffocate Your Ideas


It’s really easy to suffocate your ideas. I have lots of first hand experience. I’ve also seen my friends and clients do it quite often.

Really, it comes naturally to most people.

Chances are that you are an expert at this, too.

Do you need a refresher? Keep reading to learn the best method to suffocate your ideas.


Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. How exactly will this idea work?

  2. Is it going to be successful?

  3. Will anyone else be interested in my idea?
  4. How will I share my idea?
  5. What if it’s a really dumb idea?
  6. Will people think I’m crazy?
  7. What if no one likes my idea?
  8. What if everyone likes my idea?
  9. What if someone steals my idea?
  10. Is this going to make me money?
  11. Will this idea make me lose money?
  12. What if it makes me too much money?
  13. Am I ready to do this forever???!!!


Next, review these questions every fifteen minutes.

Meditate on these questions. Ruminate over them.

Just don’t stop. Because if you stop for even a minute, your idea might have room to breathe.

Breathing will let your idea grow and develop.

Breathing will let your idea blossom. 

When you let your idea breathe, the process starts to feel fun. And this is where the adventure begins.


And wouldn’t that be a terrible thing?!


What? You don't wanna suffocate your ideas? That's so weird.

I assumed you wanted to... just like the rest of the world.

Ok. So if you don't want to... then please skip the above steps and just do what feels good! Let your ideas bubble and breathe. 

As a gift to you, I've created a free graphic to remind you of the thirteen questions you must constantly ask in order to suffocate your ideas. 

Pin it, download it, print it, and hang it up.... You'll want to keep it around :)

13 questions to suffocate your ideas