No Bad Ideas

I believe that there are no bad ideas in business.

I know. That’s a bold statement to make. But I feel strongly about this.

No Bad Ideas

You see, what you call a ‘good idea’ doesn’t grow in a vacuum.

Good ideas are cultivated in an environment that values all ideas. The more ideas the better. Your own ideas. Ideas from employees. Ideas from your team. Ideas from your clients. Ideas from your peers.

All ideas are welcome.

Ideas shouldn’t be immediately judged or analyzed. Rather, ideas should be celebrated, enhanced, shared, documented, and developed.

Write them down in a special idea notebook. Or on a google doc. Or any special list.

Let them rest. Let them simmer. Let them grow.

Experiment. Iterate. Expand.

And when your treat idea-guest so nicely, watch how it’ll direct all its friends to the most fun place to hang out...

Expect a long line of ideas to be knocking on your door.

Treat them all with equal respect and you can be assured that they’ll keep coming.


As a gift to you, I've created a free poster that you can download and hang up in your home or work space. Because it’s important to always remember that - All Ideas Are Welcome Here!


All Ideas Are Welcome Here - Poster