How to say no to your clients without feeling guilty.

“Can you do Thursday night?”

How to say no to your clients without any guilt.

“I’m so sorry, Thursday won’t work. My next availability is Friday morning.”

“Oh. I really wanted Thursday. You can’t do Thursday???”

Does this conversation sound familiar? Do you feel like you’re always going in circles? You’re trying to set up a schedule, but it’s just impossible to keep!

You want to be accommodating. You want to offer exceptional customer service. And you also want a life! Your family wants you back!

Well, you’re not the only one.

You’re not the only business owner who has nagging clients. You’re not the only one that goes on a guilt trip every time you say no.

So what can you do about it? Is there any way to say no with grace.


There is a way. There is a way to set boundaries for your clients and not be wishy-washy.

Here’s the catch:

You’ve got to think of it as a gift.

The boundaries you set for your business are a gift to your clients. You need to know deep inside that you are doing THEM a favor when you say no.

However, as long as you think that saying no is selfish, you will be too good-hearted to enforce it. So, starting today, work on shifting your perspective.

Think about this: Just as discipline is good for children, boundaries are good for clients.

Here are two reasons why boundaries are super important and beneficial:

  1. Your clients deserve your best self. They won’t benefit at all from a tired service provider. When you do things half-heartedly, you are not helping your clients. And you are definitely not helping your reputation. As your resentment level rises, your customer service level slowly drops without you even noticing.

  2. When you put your personal well-being first, you are demonstrating your value. The way you treat yourself, will be the way others will treat you. Show your professionalism. You won’t lose out!

After completing the Clarity Coaching Package, one of my lovely clients shared the following realization:

“I am not an ambulance! People will survive waiting. 😄 My weeks have became fuller and my business grew, yet I am calmer, have peace of mind, and know my schedule.”

Have you been operating as a design/hair/makeup/coach/fill-in-the-blank ambulance?

Here is what you need to remember: There is almost no reason good enough for you to be working crazy hours. As a professional business owner, you can set business hours. I know it’s a bit scary in the beginning, but try it for a little while. You will see that it’s so possible and so worth it!

Proper business boundaries will be good for you and your clients, too.