An Open Letter To My Clients

We are dreamers. We dreamed the business we wanted to create. We dreamed the life we wanted to live. And we dream big.

Being a part of bringing your vision to life is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. Your beautiful dreams have inspired me.

Where Do You Live?

Do you know what it’s like to do big and scary things - in your imagination? I’ve been there too....

When I heard my client say “I’ve been taking risks with the idea of selling programs…” I had to call her out.

Honestly speaking, ‘taking risks with ideas’ is plain imaginary work. Or “pretend work” like my teacher, Tiffany Han, would say. I think we all can admit that there reaches a point when we have done enough work in our head :)

The Perfect Dress

It was July 4th and I went to the mall with my mother. We had only an hour to shop, and I knew that our time had to be spent in the shoe section. But I really wanted a new dress. A dress very similar to the one I was wearing. So as we ascended the elevator I offered a quick prayer and asked for it.