The Perfect Dress

It was July 4th and I went to the mall with my mother. We had only an hour to shop, and I knew that our time had to be spent in the shoe section. But I really wanted a new dress. A dress very similar to the one I was wearing. So as we ascended the elevator I offered a quick prayer and asked for it.

I then turned my attention to the main reason I came, and began to help my mother find the perfect pair of shoes for her difficult feet. The time passed quickly and soon we were checking out two beautiful pairs of shoes. My mother headed to the restroom and I told her I would look around for just a minute. 

I was immediately guided the BCBG Max Azria section directly across from me. I noticed a 50% off sign on the rack right in the front and began looking. Within seconds I found my dress. The perfect length, the perfect color, the perfect style. Exactly what I had envisioned. Now it was mine.


Setting a personal vision is the first and foremost step to attaining your goals. No one can set it for you. 

When you can clearly see where you are headed, you can actually take the steps to make it happen. You cannot find something that you are not looking for. 

Do yourself a favor and take a moment to visualize your dreams. get it down on paper.


You've got to believe it to see it!