An Open Letter To My Clients

Dear Client of Mine,

An Open Letter To My Clients

We are dreamers. We dreamed the business we wanted to create. We dreamed the life we wanted to live. And we dream big.

Being a part of bringing your vision to life is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. Your beautiful dreams have inspired me.

With great care and excitement we have broken down your big picture ideas into a structured plan of action. We worked together to ensure that all the numbers added up. We organized your business to create the space for your dreams to flourish.

And then the dreamer in you was satisfied. It felt seen and heard. It felt valued and appreciated as you slowly began to take the steps you need to move toward your dreams.

Now a few weeks or months have passed, and the novelty is wearing off. The dreamer in you is getting impatient. Even annoyed. It wants to be on to something new and different. You have so many places to go, and you’re stuck here?

Okay, dreaming is good. But self-judgement is not. And dreams that come from a place of lack won’t give you the true joy you are seeking.

Can you take a step back with me and remember where you came from? Remember those goals that you set a short while ago?

Something weird happened. While you were dreaming up new ideas and wishing for more, somehow your “if only” life began to come to fruition.  

Today, appreciate how far you have come. Appreciate the steady path of growth that you are on.

Since we’ve begun working together I’ve seen your business double and then some. I’ve seen you set boundaries and implement systems that have given you your life back. I’ve seen how you have brought your business to a new level of impact and professionalism. I’ve seen you make real lasting changes from the inside out.

For a moment, think about the opportunities you have now which a few weeks/ months/ years ago you almost didn’t dare to dream of.

And with that grateful perspective, I will let you go on dreaming.