Sarah Hendler

When Things Start Feeling Heavy

Sarah Hendler

Your new idea was light and exciting. It took you places in your dreams. 

when things start feeling heavy.JPG

You started this new project with a surge of energy. You talked about it everywhere. You felt the momentum building.

And then over time you lost some of that enthusiasm. Some of that excitement has dropped away. 

Are you currently in a situation like this?

Today ask yourself:

“When did this start feeling heavy?”

Based on my experience working with clients like you, I would guess that there is something specific that is weighing you down.

When my clients start dragging their feet as they are moving towards their dreams, I know that something has changed. Some part of their process has become tedious, tiring, or frustrating.

So we take an honest look at their business and try to get to the source. And you can do the same right now by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a tough conversation that I’ve been avoiding?

  • Is there a boundary that needs to be set?

  • Is there an activity that is taking way longer than I believe it should?

  • Is there a more effective time or place to get this done?

  • Is there a new automation that my business requires?

  • Is there a task that would best be delegated?

Okay, I know you might have just checked off the whole list. But start with one thing. Trying to change a million things at once won’t ever happen. So, instead, choose one area where you are ready to grow.

Now one, two, three, go!