How To Take A Stress-Free Vacation As A Business Owner

Summer is upon us! It’s during this time of year that I am especially grateful to own my business. I can make homemade pancakes for a lazy morning breakfast, take an afternoon off to spend outdoors, and even block off full days on my calendar to completely unplug.

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The best part is that I can do it all without any guilt! This freedom is why I chose to start my own business and I’m thankful for it every day. 

Freedom only exists within structure.

Think about it - are you truly free on your day off if in the back of your mind you have no clue how you will make up for the missed work?

So while forcing yourself to take a vacation sounds like the right thing to do… consider if it’s actually giving you the refresh that you need. 

Do you want to take a stress-free vacation this summer?

Here are some ideas that you can implement today in your business which will allow you to get away without guilt:

  • Send out an email or text to your clients now, notifying them of your scheduled plans. Give them a deadline to sign up or book a session. Some genuine urgency never hurt anyone ;)

  • Set up an email auto-responder email for when you are gone.

  • Prepare some content in advance. Instead of trying to come up with new content in the moment, you can sit down and batch a few blog posts or social media posts all at once. Bonus points if you schedule them as well.

  • Practice being better about your boundaries. Start with sticking to normal business hours. Then, when you’re ready to notify your clients of your summer schedule, they will know that you are serious and respect your space.

  • Most importantly, block off the days on your calendar ahead of time. Like do it now. This way you won’t by mistake schedule an important meeting for a day that should have been spent in the sun. It’s especially important if you are using an online calendar for your clients. You want to prevent anyone from being able to schedule an appointment with you during your well-deserved vacation. 

Okay. If you are still doubting that you will ever be able to take a relaxing vacation as a business owner, I have some proof for you that it is possible. 

I recently got the sweetest email from a client of mine:

Hi Sarah!

Just wanted to thank you. Today is the first day off I have ever taken that I enjoyed! Really relaxed, read a book, cleaned up, bought myself an ice cream, and did some errands.

How can I thank you?????

Friend, this freedom can be yours. 

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