Where Do You Live?

Do you know what it’s like to do big and scary things - in your imagination? I’ve been there too....

When I heard my client say “I’ve been taking risks with the idea of selling programs…” I had to call her out. Honestly speaking, ‘taking risks with ideas’ is plain imaginary work. Or 'pretend work' like my teacher, Tiffany Han, would say. I think we all can admit that there reaches a point when we have done enough work in our head :)

Ramit Sethi often tells the story of a woman who admitted that she would rather talk about her dream of running three times a week than actually go out for a run at least once a week.


And I could totally identify.


As creatives, we are blessed to be able to see really big visions for ourselves. And yes, it’s a lot of fun to spend time up in our heads dreaming up imaginary worlds. There is only one issue with this strategy. As humans, we were created to thrive on connection - giving and taking. And the only person that lives in your head is you!

The theory may seem prettier, yet I promise you that the ugly first draft will make you feel so much more satisfied.

So reach out. Take the first step. And don’t drop your big vision. Just add to it. Zoom out and see the path that will take you there. Yes, it may be windy. Yes, it may be bumpy. And nothing will be more beautiful than seeing your dream play out in real life.