Do You Have Anything Worth Sharing?

Are you waiting in the wings for your turn on stage?

Do you stay back, claiming that you have nothing to say?

Through my experience working with clients, I discovered that the obstacle of self-doubt can be the single biggest challenge of a creative business owner. As generous and passionate women, we sometimes find it difficult to see the value of our unique voice in the crowd. This holds us back from taking the next step towards our dreams.

It’s as we have is a secret team of doubters that have invaded our ability to see our own value.

Let's visit two real-life case studies. It’s always easier to see the full story when looking from an outsider's perspective.


do you have anything worth sharing?


Who:  A remarkably successful tutor with an endless waiting list of desperate clients.

What she says: “I can’t train other tutors because I have come to the realization that there is a lot more to tutoring than simply a methodology of teaching. A successful tutor has to be able to connect with a child and give him confidence all around...”

The Real Story: Did I hear you right? You can’t train tutors because your success is not just a teaching methodology? You can’t train tutors because you believe in a holistic approach? Um… THAT. IS. YOUR. SECRET. TO. SUCCESS. There are thousands of educators out there that need your help to understand this concept. Do me a favor. For the sake of all our children, don’t discount the very message that makes you special!



Who:  A wonderful coach who is having a hard time writing content for her audience.

What she says: “I have nothing to write because I believe that no one should follow my advice and use a cookie cutter approach. Each person has their own unique strengths and should explore their own path. Therefore, what do I have to offer…?”

The Real Story: Ok. So you think this is obvious. Like of course, everyone already knows that they have unique strengths. Of course, they are ready to embrace their personal journey and not follow the herd. Um… not really. THIS. IS. YOUR. MESSAGE. Please don’t discount the very message that sets you apart.



As sensitive humans, we tend to discount ourselves far too often.

Now it’s your turn. Please play along with me the following quick exercise:


Fill in the blank:

I have nothing to say/ write/ teach/ perform, because I believe that ________________________________.


Now take whatever you wrote on that line and broadcast it to the world!

Your perspective is important.

People need to hear it. Don’t assume it’s self-understood. There is someone out there that is waiting to learn it from you alone.