The People In Your Life

As entrepreneurs, it feels great to look back on our progress and realize that despite all the doubters we have come so far.

The voice of the critics were loud. But we learned to shut them out, staying far from unsolicited advice and well-meaning friends.

We spent so much time fighting the world and proving that we can do it on our own. We reached a level of success that no one could have imagined. It was all amazing, until it stopped feeling so amazing. Suddenly, it’s becoming harder to juggle and some balls are being dropped. Because growing pains come along with a new set of challenges. It’s time for a new approach. What got you here, won’t get you there.

Being so close to your business makes it hard to see the big picture. That’s why you need to have someone in your life that believes in you and your vision. Someone who cares enough to shine a light on the things that you would rather ignore.

Because, even you - the talented, creative, smart woman that you are - it’s normal for you to need help.


And, while no one is perfect, there are others who can see what we cannot see for ourselves.

We all know that fancy business lady who makes a super confident impression; she’s even a little intimidating. She is successful and well known, and doesn’t show any vulnerability. But she will inevitably hit a ceiling. If she only makes decisions based on her own understanding, she will never let the business become bigger than herself. There is only so far that she can go on her own.

On the other hand, true internal confidence is when we can be open to advice and not feel that it threatens our own value. Real leaders are always looking to learn from those around them. They work on making themselves into the people that others feel safe sharing with.  


Because we all have blindspots.

So now for an action step:

Take a moment to write down who you can appoint to be on your personal advisory cabinet.

Who are those people in your life that lift you up?

And in what areas do they help you grow?