Do I Really Need A Break? Here’s What You Can Do Instead:

There are rules and there are times to break the rules. I used to blog every week religiously.

Simplify your Business

You could always expect a new post in your inbox early Sunday morning. Then, for many months I was super chilled about my blog. I stopped posting consistently. My life got so busy and my blog just wasn’t my priority.

So I changed the rules. Hey, why not? I made them to begin with. Instead of committing to publishing weekly, I decided to accept the fact that I now publish weekly-ish. :)

Now things are even busier. With much gratitude and excitement, I would like to announce that my wonderful brother just got engaged!

Life is quite hectic at home... going from one party to the next. Not to mention the numerous arrangements that need to happen.

It’s a busy time. Maybe I should take a break this week. Just this week.

I could. And there would be nothing wrong with that.

However, right now I’m in a flow. And it’s feeling good. Writing is coming easier to me. I’m enjoying the feeling of sharing consistently. Even skipping just this one week doesn’t feel right. I really want to stay in touch with you!

So, I don’t have a major earth-shattering, mind-exploding business tip to share this week. Instead I decided to use this week to give you insight into my own personal thought process.

Whatever you choose is 100% valid. Sometimes it’s good to keep your business as the one thing stable in all the craziness around you. Sometimes it’s important to take a complete break and give yourself some space.

And then there is a third option that can work a lot of the time.

Ask yourself: How can I make this happen in the most simple way possible?

Maybe you don’t say no to all new clients, but you simplify your work schedule.

Maybe you don’t stop writing, but you choose a simpler topic.

Maybe you don’t stop selling all together, but you simplify your selection to offer less options.

Needless to say, whichever option you choose - don’t feel guilty!

Do you want to keep going like normal? Do you want to take a break? Or do you want to simplify?

Do your best to accept your decision and be okay with it. There are cycles in business, just as there are cycles in life. You are fine, no matter where you find yourself.