Business Coach Says: Kill The To-Do List!

Are you drowning in your to do list? Do the tasks that need to get done pile up endlessly?

You’re not alone. Look, if you’re killing it with To-Do-Lists, then you can stop reading right now. #YouDoYou. But if To-Do-Lists are killing you, then it’s time to kill the list!

How can I be so rash?

Well, honestly...on a normal day as a business coach killing is not something I typically discuss. But this case calls for extreme measures, I believe.

I’m not against using lists. But that’s only when the lists help!

If your lists are not helping, then please be open to another way.

I’m not saying that you should float through the day intuitively and do whatever feels right. Because that might look like playing free-cell all day. Or running around like a crazy person putting out other people’s fires.

You need a plan.

And that plan lives in your calendar. A handy dandy weekly calendar.

Here is the secret:

Instead of putting your next urgent task down on your To-Do List, give it a slot on your calendar.

Choose a day and time and fill it in.

Instead of having it on your mind the whole day, you can be rest assured that the task will happen in the right time.

This will also prevent the task from getting lost on an ancient to-do list, never to be seen again.

And of course, set reminders.

If you’re using an online calendar, like Google Calendar, you can set up automatic email reminders and notifications.

You can also set the alarm on your phone to keep you on schedule throughout the day.

The only thing left to do now is to honor you calendar.

Respect yourself. Respect your business. Respect your calendar.

A challenge for you:

Human nature is that we think that everyone else we know can use some good advice, but often fail to apply the ideas we learn to our very own selves. So if you thought of someone who can benefit from this article, please send it right over. 😉

However, don’t neglect your own growth! Remember, this challenge is for you.

Try this out for one week. If you don’t like it, you can quit at that point.

Yet, I have a sneaky suspicion that this new practice will change your life. It definitely changed mine!