The Secret to Freedom in your Business

You got into this whole business thing because you wanted to be free.

The Secret To Freedom In Your Business

So what happened?

Why are you constantly feeling overwhelmed and tied down?

Weren't you supposed to have more time now?

Doing your own thing does not guarantee working less hours. The opposite, actually. In the beginning, you are working way more than you ever did. Now your work has your name on it, and it's got to be perfect. You find yourself working crazy hours to please everyone, but yourself!

You never expected to reach this point.

You won't ever admit it- but you are burning out doing the thing you love!

It's time for you to understand a fundamental principle.

Freedom exists in Structure.

You need structure to streamline and optimize your workflow.

A proper structure ensures that all your time and resources are going to what you care about most.

On her podcast, Profit Power Pursuit, Tara Gentile interviews entrepreneurs to get an inside view of their business.

One question she asks each guest is- "How do you balance the role of creative and executive in your business?"

Almost all the guests share a common answer. Their secret weapon is the calendar. Some people schedule to the minute, some by hour, and others by the day. Everyone does it their own way. The main thing is that you set aside time to get the important stuff done.

How much more efficient can you be if you would establish set business hours?

Go ahead, block the time off on your calendar. 

Respect your own time, and others will too.