You Inspire Me!

Today I spent some time in the bookstore, my favorite place.

I was hanging out by the business books, totally engrossed.

The aisle was empty, so I had my privacy. Just the way I like it.

You Inspire Me

Suddenly out the corner of my eye, I noticed a figure inching towards me. At first, I assumed he was just passing by. But then he stopped right near me…I had to look up.

"Excuse me," said the short old man. "Do you do business, or do you teach about business?"

I eyed the stranger with confusion.

"I'm learning." I replied with as much politeness I could muster.

"Oh," he said. "Because I thought you looked like a teacher."

Then he slowly made his way back to where he was sitting in the cafe.

Walking out of the bookstore, I heard his voice replay in my head.

"Do you do business, or do you teach about business?"

I urged myself to stop thinking about this creepy man.

Yet, the old man's message really hit home. I know I experienced this for a reason.

It's time for me to own up to my potential.

I'm not a little girl anymore. I can do all the stuff. 

"Do you do business, or do you teach about business?"

I'm going to do both!

I'm building a business out of teaching business.

Just wait and see.

Have you ever had a single experience that lit you up inside?

Inspiration can come from everywhere, if you are open to it.

Expand yourself so that you can learn from the little things in life.

Allow yourself to be uplifted by a story, a song, a poem, a conversation, or a piece of art.

Look out for G-d's messages wherever you go.

Let me know in the comments below -
What inspiration is currently propelling you in your business?