How My Business Has Changed Me

You got into business for a reason. Maybe because you have always dreamed of using your talents to support your family. Maybe because you feel like you have a light that you just need to shine. You have a gift to share with the world.

How my business has changed me

But did you ever stop to think about the gifts your business has given you?

I believe that owning your own business can be the ultimate personal development school. Looking back over the past couple of years, I can see that my business has changed me in many ways.

One change that stands out is completely credited to you, my loyal readers. The very fact that I knew that I needed to come up with fresh inspiration each week, forced me to to begin seeing the world differently.

Something weird happened to my brain. I have trained it to think in blog post style. I find an insight in every incident.

If you tell me that something good happened, something seemingly bad, or something that you thought had no meaning at all… I could promise you that there is a blog post waiting to be written.

Yeh, I’m that annoying friend who finds a lesson in everything. I think I need to try and reign in this tendency when I’m socializing. :) However, this skill has served me well, in my writing and definitely in a coaching capacity.

Friend, our world is full of aha moments. Let your business be a vehicle for your growth. Because there is no opportunity quite like it!