You Don't Have To Unsubscribe

I know. Banana Republic is having a sale soon. Creative Live will have an interesting class. There's a free webinar that you want to attend.

You Don't Have To Unsubscribe -

There is absolutely no way you can just unsubscribe.

But think about the cost.
Every time a new email hits your inbox, it calls you.
I know what it's like.

We are all too good at multi-tasking.
We can do our work and check out emails at the same time.
Yet we fail to take into account the time we waste as we are switching tasks.
When you take a minute to check your emails, it takes time until you get back into your work.

Last week, I decided that I had enough of these distractions.
It was time to take control of my inbox and not have it control me.

I signed up for a free service called UNROLL.ME


Here is how it works: allows you to see a list of all your subscription emails.
It will present you with 3 options.
Unsubscribe, Add to Rollup, or Keep in Inbox. - What Is A Rollup?

The Rollup is exactly as it sounds.

All the email subscriptions you receive are neatly rolled up into one daily email.

Everything is now in one place at one time.

No more distractions clogging your inbox.

Unroll.me_Everything is Organized!

I chose to receive my Rollup in the evening.
This allows me to maximize my productivity during the day.

A clean inbox is a clear mind.

I only wish I had signed up sooner.

Help! Do all my emails disappear now that I’ve rolled them up for!

Nopes. They are all safe and sound in a separate folder of your inbox, labeled You can find them there at any time.

Get started with this free service at UNROLL.ME
Read your emails at your own time.

Save yourself hours every week.


Disclaimer: keeps their service free by anonymizing the data from your commercial emails and using it to analyze and track consumer trends. As of this writing they are not GDPR compliant. Learn more here.