How I Gained A Few Hours Today

Every business has an inside story. Every business owner has unique experiences. 

Business Insider Insights_How I gained a few hours today

It’s been a great privilege for me to interview top entrepreneurs and share their insights in my new series, Insider Insights.

Needless to say, this new endeavor takes a significant amount of time. From pitching and scheduling, preparing the questions, doing the interviews, to finally editing and posting online.

But I’m not complaining. It’s an enjoyable process for me. I love to ask questions, I love meeting new people, and I love to write. So this project is perfect for me!


One part of the process, however, is just a drag. I could transcribe the interviews by myself… but I know it would take me hours. Typing a full interview word for word is a huge job. By the time I would be finished transcribing, I would never have patience for a comprehensive editing process.

I’ve made the choice to outsource this job to an online transcription company, Rev. Rev charges me a dollar per audio minute, and gets the job done in record time.

Because Rev charges me per minute, I have become quite conscious of how much time my interviews take. At this point, I’ve gotten so good at monitoring my time, that I can guarantee my interviewees that the whole thing won’t take longer than a half hour. You can imagine how much they appreciate that!

A couple of short hours after the interview, I receive an email from Rev that my transcript is ready. At that point I can look at the interview with fresh eyes and begin organizing and preparing it for publication.

This process saves me hours of time for each interview that I produce. And besides, doing only the work that I love motivates me to do more and more of it.


You can look forward to more Insider Insights coming your way in 2018!


What is one question or topic that you would like me to explore in a future interview?