Let's Be Friends

Let's Be Friends

Me and Grammar?

Never. We were not friends in school. When I graduated, I knew I would never think about grammar again.

Yet somehow, since I started my blog, I've googled more grammar questions than I did over my entire life. Suddenly, I have the patience to learn the difference between EACH and EVERY.

And it's not just grammar.

I see myself having the strength and courage to do things that I always thought were just 'not my type'.

If I need to do something for my business, I will do my very best.

This the power of having a greater purpose.

This is the power of setting a meaningful goal.

Suddenly, little inconveniences are not that big of a deal. They are a pleasure in service of the greater goal.

The Hair Stylist sweeps hair off the floor.

The Blogger researches grammar.

The Graphic Artist learns about taxes.

The Baker does math to multiply ingredients.

When difficult tasks are attached to a higher purpose, they no longer feel like a nuisance. On special occasions, performing these tasks will even be an honor and a privilege!

What annoying chore can you do happily today, for the sake of a greater purpose?