Momentum Coaching Package




Do you want access to ongoing guidance and support? 



After completing Clarity Coaching, some of my clients express interest in access to ongoing support.

In response to these requests, I designed this package to help you maintain the momentum we've achieved so far. It is an exclusive offer and only available to my previous clients.


The following are some of benefits you can expect:

  • Stay accountable to your long term vision

  • Get relevant feedback and guidance.

  • Move past your blocks to the next level.

  • Maintain your focus, with peace of mind.

What's included in the Momentum Coaching Package?

Included in this package is one coaching session per month for a commitment of six months. 

This offer is only available if you sign up within one month of the 4 week follow up to your Clarity Coaching. If we wait longer than a month to get started, lots of the momentum will be lost. 

How to pay:

You can choose between the following two payment options.

  1.  Monthly credit card charge of $85.

  2.  Full upfront of $460. Save $50!


Have any questions? Feel free to send me an email at

Just How Good Does Clarity Feel?

Read about real-life client experiences.


"I really appreciate the insight you've given me. I've implemented new strategies and a better schedule. It's been helping me in every area of my business.

I feel a lot more organized with the busy season coming up. Thank you for everything!"

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"I love Sarah, she was able to take my brain dump and really hear the important parts I was saying.  More than anything I felt seen and heard and understood by Sarah.  And she was just excited about the things I was pursuing as I was. 

I walked away after a few sessions with Sarah with a clear idea of how to take my next steps in my business, what areas I needed to play a little bigger, and more clarity and vision to keep going on my creative journey.  I highly recommend her for someone needing to get clarity quick and then move forward in their vision."

Maring Higa, Creative Strategist