As a Motion Designer, I had to be skilled in both Design and Motion. Therefore, I took multiple courses to develop my talents. Below you will find two projects from that I created based on briefs that I received from Design Bootcamp

(I know this is not exactly the kind of portfolio you typically expect to see, but admit it - motion design is kind of cool :)

1) Expedition 100: Mission to Mars

Here are some of the details of the brief:

-We’re looking for some Style Frames and Design Boards. We want a treatment on the footage as well as design for all graphics.

-The boards must show footage treatment, full-screen title cards, show title + tune-in screen, and NASA TV logo. 

-We want this to feel dangerous, awe-inspiring, cinematic.


2) Sprint Mood Boards

Here are some of the details of the brief:

- Sprint is launching an ad campaign to promote it’s “Unlimited Data” plans.

- We’re looking to you for some Art Direction ideas for the campaign. 

- We’ll need the style to be customizable for different offers, and it needs to be on-brand and feel like Sprint.